black tilapia
Black Tilapia
Red tilapia
Red Tilapia
Tilapia- Red or Black

Also available smoked

Catch Season – Year round
Method of Catch – Farm raised
Form: WGS (Whole Gutted & Scaled), Skinless Fillets

Black Tilapia

WGS:     WGS 250/350g., 350/550g., 550/750g., 750g/Up
                Packing:  1x20 lbs and 1x40 lbs
Fillets:  CO Treated IVP 2-3 oz., 3-5 oz., 5- 7 oz., 7-9 oz., 9-11 oz.                 Packing 1x10 lbs

Red Tilapia

WGS:    WGS ¾ - 1 lb., 1-1.5 lb., 1.5 – 2.0 lb
                                Packing: 1x20 lbs
Fillets:   1x10 lbs IQF bulk, 1x10 lbs IQF / IVP

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